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    2022/2023 Season

    Our 46th Season!


  • Spring & Summer Concert Schedule 2023

    Folk Music of the World

    March 16,19

    From Around the World & USA

    Welcome to Summer

    June 1,4

    Classic summer tunes & reveries!

  • A Message from our Founder and Musical Director, Gary Lamprecht

    Two years ago the world was confronted by Covid 19. Here at home, we suddenly found that as a choir we could no longer be in the same room and sing together. After more than 40 years of rehearsing and performing together, all of a sudden we were cautioned that it could be dangerous, and even life threatening.


    Through abstaining, we found that singing in the choir, especially on a daily or weekly basis gave, us satisfaction by striving to achieve a collective goal. But more important than that, singing reinforces our need for belonging, for belonging to something bigger than ourselves. We found that we missed something we all took for granted.


    Scientists have shown that people singing in a choir breathe together in a unique rhythm that is shared by all in a unique bonding experience. That is something that we all have missed in the past two years. It took this pandemic to make us realize that we NEED this repeated experience for happiness and a feeling of well being.


    Over the years many patrons have expressed how emotional our choir makes them feel. It’s the reason that we memorize all our repertoire. And that’s no easy task. We are free to show a deep understanding of the literature and convey it to our audience. We connect emotionally with them in this shared experience.

    A Message from Kate Stulberg, our Executive Director

    Dear Patrons and Friends, We have an amazing lineup of songs for our "Folk Music of the World" Concert Series on Thursday, March 16th at Trilogy Monarch Dunes at 7;00 p.m. and on Sunday March 19, at 3:00 p.m. at the Cuesta PAC in San Luis Obispo with free parking at both locations. The Central Coast Youth Choir will be joining us in a special appearance at the Cuesta PAC performance on March 19th. The "Folk Music of the World" concert will move you with songs from Israel, France, Spain and Japan as well as the Ukraine. American folk and spiritual songs will be highlighted and familiar to many of you. Bring your family to introduce them to world class folk music. Come join us for an emotional and uplifting experience that you will never forget.



  • Youth Music Education

    Developing The Next Generation of Choral Enthusiasts

    Central Coast Choral Festival

    Central Coast Choral Festival Coming up!


    For over two decades, Vocal Arts has produced the Central Coast Choral Festival, which brings over 55 school choirs, elementary, middle and high school, from all over California to the beautiful Performing Arts Center of San Luis Obispo, on the Cal Poly campus, to compete in a professionally adjudicated concert. Local judges give important feedback to choir directors and students and its a chance for students to perform on a professional stage. Last year we hosted 34 schools from all over the state.


    SAVE THE DATE FOR THE NEXT Central Coast Choral Festival. Cal Poly Performing Arts Center. Thursday, March 23 form 1:00 pm. to 3:30 pm. and Friday, MARCH 24, 2023 at PAC from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 pm. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

    The Gary & Patricia Lamprecht Endowment

    Additionally, to further our mission of choral excellence in the schools, The Gary & Patricia Lamprecht Endowment was established in 2017 in recognition of our 40th anniversary. The endowment provides for scholarships in the areas of choral music and orchestral strings. Each year we award a $1000 scholarship to two local high school seniors to continue their education in music.


    This year Colin Guan of San Luis Obispo High School won for orchestral strings. Hannah Snow of Heartland Charter School in Santa Maria won for choral music. Congratulations to both of these excellent students.


    You can encourage choral music excellence in San Luis Obispo County high schools by donating to the Gary and Pat Lamprecht Education Endowment at United Way. We greatly appreciate it!


    Applications have been sent to local High Schools Choir Directors and are DUE by March 31st to qualify. For more information please contact Kate Stulberg, Executive Director, Vocal Arts Ensemble, (805) 541-6797, or kate@vocalarts.org



    From Colin Guan:

    " I am extremely grateful to Vocal Arts and the Lamprechts for helping me reach my potential. I would not be able to attend Columbia University and The Juilliard
    School without their support!"



    Congratulations Winners!!

    Hannah Snow- "I am so thankful for this scholarship because I am able to attend Pepperdine University and am pursuing a degree in theater directing. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate the scholarship."



  • Our Mission

    The mission of the San Luis Obispo Vocal Arts is to foster excellence in choral music. We strive for the highest level of vocal performance, providing educational and inspirational experiences for students, audiences, performers, and all people seeking harmony in our community and our world.

  • About the Award Winning Vocal Arts

    Singing from the heart since 1977

    Vocal Arts has been performing locally since 1977 and has toured Canada, Spain, South America and Europe, including Russia, Poland and the Czech Republic. Singers in the ensemble are required to pass an annual vocal audition to qualify for membership. The Board of Directors consists of a mix of singers and community members, as well as the Executive Director and Music Director.


    From 2007 to 2013, the Vocal Arts produced the California International Choral Festival and Competition (CICF) with thousands of singers from around the world visiting San Luis Obispo and performing at the Harold Miossi Hall, Performing Arts Center. On our 40th year, the Board created the Gary & Partricia Lamprecht Music Education Endowment to establish scholarships for local high school seniors who want to pursue an advanced degree in music. Vocal Arts also sponsors the Central Coast Spring School Choral Festival, held at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center each year. Between 45-60 school choirs (from elementary to high school) from all over California perform on the main stage of the grand theater, over two days, and received valuable feedback from a panel of adjudicators.


    Vocal Arts seeks to deliver the experience of choral music to a wide audience in San Luis Obispo County and beyond our local region through our international touring. Tours are held every other year and usually incorporate a competition or festival. Vocal Arts has secured dozens of medals at choral competitions all over the world, making our organization one of the most decorated performing arts groups in San Luis Obispo County.

  • Your support means the world to us!

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  • Get Involved with Vocal Arts



    We are so grateful for the ushers that helped us during our June Concert series. They were a dedicated and elegant group. Vocal Arts is always in need volunteers to help us execute our concerts and special events. Ushers arrive about one hour before concert time and are finished about 20 minutes after the concert, and receive a complimentary seat at the concert as a thank you for their assistance. We also seek community members to join our Board of Directors periodically. Contact Kate@vocalarts.org or call 805-541-6797 to learn more or to sign up.

    Audition Info

    Sing with Us

    The Vocal Arts is an award winning choir with members who are passionate about choral music. Singers must memorize the music and commit to a rehearsal schedule typically evenings at Morro Bay High School. If you are interested in joining our group, please download the Member Guidelines and review. Next auditions are Tuesday, March 28 at 6:30 pm, at Morro Bay High School. All experienced singers encouraged to audition. Please call Gary Lamprecht at (805) 534-3775. Another audition will be held Tuesday August 29, 2023 by appointment only. Contact Gary via email to get the audition music at:




    Youth Music Education

    Developing The Next Generation

    To further our mission of choral excellence in the schools, The Gary & Patricia Lamprecht Endowment was established in 2017 in recognition of our 40th anniversary. The endowment provides for scholarships in the areas of choral music and orchestral strings. Each year we award a $1000 scholarship to two local high school seniors to continue their education in music. Deadline to apply for the scholarship is March 31. Over $9000 in local scholarships have been awarded to deserving seniors.


    To donate to the endowment, please mail your check, written to "United Way of SLO County" with "Lamprecht Endowment" in subject line, to Vocal Arts PO Box 4306 SLO CA 93403

    Donate to SLO Vocal Arts Mission

    Give The Gift of Song

    Vocal Arts is dependent on your generous donations to continue our mission. We are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and your donation is fully tax deductible. Your financial support allows up to rent concert venues, produce promotional material and cover operating expenses.

    • Consider adding us to your estate plan
    • Consider sponsoring a singer for $175 for the year.

    Donate via Paypal - use credit/debit cards or your account

    Mail a check to "Vocal Arts Ensemble"

    PO Box 4306 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403

  • Meet our Staff & Board

    Nancy Carter

    Immediate Past President

    Kit Hansen


    Leslie McKinley


    Gary Lamprecht

    Founder and Musical Director

    Kate Stulberg

    Executive Director

    Pat Lamprecht


    Tracy Gillson


    Rosey Parks


    Susannah Fletcher


    Melody Svennungsen

    Assistant Musical Director

    Lark Carter


    Wendy Lewis


    Delia Ruiz


  • What Our Fans Say

    Judith, Cambria, CA

    "Vocal Arts is a community treasure!"

    Cindy, Atascadero, CA

    "Their performance moved me to tears!"

    Mary Ann, Pismo Beach, CA

    "Vocal Arts Concerts always bring out every emotion in me; tears, laughter, a feeling of peace, such a special experience."

    Mark, Santa Maria, CA

    "Fabulous talent that never disappoints."

    Savana, San Luis Obispo, CA

    "I just loved it so much!"

  • Meet our Singers




    Cynthia Kennedy

    Dawn Spare

    Susannah Fletcher

    Kris Springer

    Lindi Doud

    Tracy Gillsen

    Rosey Parks

    Leslie McKinley

    Carol Oelker

    Melody Svennungsen

    Cheryl Altman

    Madeleine Arel

    Jessica French

    Tracy Gillson

    Kathy Hamrick

    Andi Swanson

    Risa Brown



    Dana Fiore

    Jessica Devaney​

    Meghan Behrens

    Kit Hansen

    Pat Lamprecht

    Jeanne Potter

    Kathy Wolff

    Karen Wilkins

    Leigh Tacker

    DD Patrick

    Wendy Lewis

    Amy Sinsheimer

    Carol Sinsheimer

    Jodi Kondo

    Ashala Lawler

    Sarah Moore

    D'Elaine Patrick

    Jeanne Potter

    Valerie Tacker

    Karen Wilkins

    Britta Swearingen



    Hunter Boaz

    John Morrow

    Gael Mueller

    Renee Dispensa

    Mike Patrick

    Ty Green

    Melodie Rivas

    Debbie Anthony

    Nancy Carter

    Warren Hamrick

    Howard Keele

    Brian Lawler

    Ralph Lewis

    John Morrow

    Jeff Spevack



    Gary Blythe

    Steve Reams

    Jim Conroy

    Brian Reynolds​

    Greg Springer

    Bob Holzhauer

    Dale Wolff

    Ralph Lewis​

    Mark Stengel​

    Mike Suddarth​

    Steinar Svennungsen

    Dave Bernhardt

    Lindsey Burrell

    Timothy Guerrero

    David Ruiz

    Don Swearingen

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    San Luis Obispo, CA
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  • Vocal Arts News

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

  • Speakers Bureau

    Chorale members of San Luis Obispo Vocal Arts Ensemble

    are available to speak to your organization.

    The Vocal Arts Ensemble is a volunteer based Chorale group of 37 members who have created an internationally acclaimed Community Choir led by Musical Director Gary Lamprecht. We provide lively presentations for civic groups around the county. We showcase our educational programs as well as upcoming concerts.
    Most talks are from 30 to 45 minutes but can accommodate other needs.
    Possible topics include:
    The importance of Choral music in the schools, showcasing our Central Coast Choir Festival in March. The Pat and Gary Lamprecht Endowment awarding music scholarships to deserving high school students in San Luis Obispo County, and presentations on our three concert series during the year.
    Talks are free of charge but donations are accepted via our website.
    Please contact (805) 541 6797 and leave a message with name of organization, date of event and contact information.

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