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Vocal Arts Stands For Equality and Justice Through Music

July 2, 2020

The mission of Vocal Arts is to bring music to our community and to the world. As we reflect on the sad events of 2020 and think of ways for a predominantly white group to support the equality movement of BIPOC (black, indigenous and people of color), we want to strive for tolerance, open-mindedness, respect, and character. To say nothing is tacit acceptance of events that we absolutely do not accept.

We are living in a time of great change. It is a time of division and yet, of unity. It is a time of despair and yet hope, of fear and of solace. Our voices will rise again to bring you the music of this era and remind you of the past. With each concert we will remind ourselves that the lives of BIPOC matter.

Vocal Arts has worked to bring the American experience to our audiences. For over 40 years, our programs have been rich in music of historical significance with a diverse repertoire, encompassing cultures, races, countries, languages and religions.

That said, we have not done enough. We recognize the need to do better.

We will look to our music, our choir and our community for guidance and understanding. We will talk less and listen more. We will listen to the voices of BIPOC musicians, composers, singers, and arrangers, who have been speaking to us for years. We will continue to lift those voices. We will work to increase the representation of BIPOC musicians.

Music is what unites us all. Music heals our souls. Music opens our hearts and minds. Let us all strive to live peacefully and lovingly with music in our hearts and reach out to those around us, inviting them to join us in song.


The Vocal Arts Board of Directors and Staff

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